Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do Something!

I am a procrastinator. I want to think everything through in my head so I know each detail before I begin a project, chore, job, etc. I get anxious and have actual physical reactions to the thought of beginning a new task. It is debilitating, and I'm so tired of it. My dad, God rest his soul, used to tell me, "Honey, do something! Even if it's wrong, do SOMETHING!"

He was right (of course). The key for me to limit my procrastination is to trick myself. I tell myself I really don't plan on completing ______________ (whatever the task is) I'm just giving it five minutes, or fifteen minutes- whatever my schedule will allow. Then, if I set a timer I feel myself calming down, as if I really mean I'll only work on it for fifteen minutes because, "Look, I set the timer! See, only fifteen minutes, I promise"

Then, I do only fifteen minutes. Later that day, as time permits, I may opt to tackle another fifteen minutes. You'd be surprised what can be accomplished in fifteen minutes of concentrated effort! Yes, my daddy was right- Even if it's wrong, do SOMETHING!