Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Pearl!


We are talking Blackberry Pearl. I have an 8100 with no data plan. There are times I wish I could use google maps when I'm on the road, but not for $30 per month extra-what AT&T charges for the Blackberry data plan in the Detroit area.

I use Outlook on my laptop, sync it with my phone. I put the "Today" style theme and get tasks and appointments in an "agenda" format through the calendar or I can look them up separately. I use alarms and reminders constantly. I can "mark complete" a task from the reminder that pops up.

My radio/cd player on my jeep doesn't work, so I download iTunes podcasts and music, make playlists and update my phone with the recently released Blackberry media sync.

The voice dialer is a frustration for me- it rarely works, and the 1.3 mp camera takes blue-grey looking photos which can be ghastly when taking pics of family.

I looked at the Curve and a few others. I love the Pearl's keyboard and smart dialing, rather than having to find the little grain-of-rice sized keys.

Today I am looking for a heavy duty battery and a charger because I use my Pearl so much and I really don't plan on changing phones.

Nope, folks, when that sad day comes and I have the funeral for my Pearl, her replacement- a new Pearl- will be with me.

God bless you!