Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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I'm sitting here listening to Brother Malcomb's "Rag Doll Blues" and thinking, "How thankful I am for my Blackberry!"

Let me backup and clarify. Six months ago my husband wanted some kind of mp3 player so he could listen to audio files in his truck. When I got a new cell phone/PDA (my beloved red Pearl) I gave him my old PDA and bought an FM transmitter for him so he could listen over the truck radio. He can sync the windows-based PDA with his computer, load it up with files, and play games- he has no interest in the "Org" features of the PDA, so it works beautifully.

Then, as I was lurking on Howard's Forums ( I stumbled on a reference to playing mp3s on your Blackberry. I was so excited! I bought a 2Gig micro card, installed it, surfed the web for free music, spent hours selecting Gospel, blues, guitar, piano, bluegrass, classical, and folk music, studied how to load the files onto my Pearl. Then, I ran out of time to learn how to play more than one song at a time.

In other words, I would select a song, play it, then go back to the menu, and find another song to play. Too slow. It's ok with podcasts, because I may be in the mood for one type of podcast, then another, but for music-I just wanted it to play.

Well, here I sit in Rochester, Minnesota, visiting my friend in her workplace, with plenty of time to read "Help", "Shuffle songs in a media folder", the title of the help section tha told me all I had to do was go to the folder I wanted to play, press the menu key and click "Shuffle"!

Now i am enjoying my favorite kinds of music in no particular order.

Now playing: "Lost my Keys" by Cleanheadphil Speat.

Expect Miracles,

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