Friday, May 23, 2008

Puerto Rico- No Vote? Part Two

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Dear Reader: The story does accurately reflect the feelings of a wide cross-section of Puerto Ricans interviewed -- whether you or I agree with them or not, those are their opinions. Indeed they do not pay federal taxes, but like the District of Columbia, they do not have a voting representative in US Congress either, and they do not get equal federal funding and benefits as the 50 states. The 1967, 93 and 98 plebescites were non-binding -- effectively, opinion polls insofar as only US Congress can legally decide PR's fate. While military service is certainly voluntary, many Americans, including Puerto Ricans, consider it a patriotic form of public service, and would like to have a say in how US military operations are conducted. I do not consider the article inflammatory or divisive in any way, but thank you for your feedback. You can find a slightly longer version of the story on, the webpage of the International Herald Tribune. Thank you for reading Bloomberg News.

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