Friday, May 23, 2008

Puerto Rico- No Vote? Continues...

Wow! I've never actually had anyone read my comments and answer me- and so quickly! Thank you! It makes me feel like I matter- I suppose like the Puerto Rican people- we all want to be heard.

After reading your article again and the ITN one I have tempered my position.

I see your point about the military service being a public service and concede that that may be the motivation to volunteer, and I can surely see how, once signed up, they would like a say regarding whether or not to go to war. But I don't believe it is largely patriotic, since most PR's are proud of their identity as PR's and don't want to consider themselves as Americans. I haven't researched this, but didn't the PR people fight congress to get a base closed not too long ago?

You say the US Congress can legally decide PR's fate- with about 60% of the population choosing Commonwealth status what would you have Congress do?

Personally I would have them become a state. They would be Americans, pay taxes, vote, just like the rest of us Baring statehood I wish they were Independent. Then we would no longer be fiscally responsible for them.

Perhaps I'm more reacting to what I read as divisive because the way the Detroit News reports is often divisive and inflammatory. Biased- a better word than divisive, perhaps.

In any case, what I took away from the your articles is that I was supposed to feel sorry for the poor PRs who can't really vote in an election and are kept, like stepchildren from becoming full participants in statehood. I have difficulty with that because I feel like the big sister that has been working to support her younger siblings who are perhaps old enough to have their own jobs, but continue to rely on Big Sister to support them, contributing only their opinions on how the house should be run.

Perhaps inflammatory is a good thing- I'm thinking you are more of a catalyst for change than an arsonist.

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