Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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I only check my yahoo account once in a great while, so today I discovered that my one Yahoo answer got "Best Answer"! The question is a hard one, but, five months later, I stand behind my answer.

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How can we truly love one another if we are taught that the things others do are wrong?

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First, loving means accepting the person; loving someone does not mean you are a doormat or are to allow yourself to be used.

That said, recognizing the difference between who a person is and what a person does can be difficult, and takes practice and patience.

We can love people first by recognizing that we are loved, no matter what we do. Then, we can love others without loving everything they do. We can have the boldness to let them know they are doing wrong, and the self-respect to not let them act out around us.

That's how I am able to love people, not their actions.


The Bible.
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